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Can a failover system inherit PME licenses?

Customer has built a failover system for PME primary server. The primary server of PME has its license activated. In case of any failure of the primary server, can the PME installed in the failover system inherit the licenses of the primary server?

Product Line
PME 7.x.x, 8.0

PME 7.x.x, 8.0

Can the activated licenses in a PME server be inherited by a failover system?

The failover server needs to have its own licenses. In the event of a failover, PME licensing will be able to continue if Stratus high availability software such as Avance or Marathon is in place. Another option is to use Enterprise License Server (ELS). In this case, any server on the network (preferably a physical server) could be used as an ELS. Any PME servers could then be pointed to the ELS where the license exists. This way a failover will not affect licensing.

However, technical support does not offer support in configuring this solution or answering questions or troubleshoot third-party software related to PME failover system licensing.
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