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EGX400 - How to have Web Page Generator working under Windows 7

Web Page Generator (WPG) version 3.6 is the tool used to edit and transfer the custom web pages on EGX400.
Custom web pages are accessible through links displayed under "Monitoring and Control" section on the main page after sucessful login.
Originally, the EGX400 ships with 1 standard page "Interval Log Graph" under "Monitoring and Control" and 7 pre-installed web pages used for EGX400 Setup and Diagnostics.
To add customized, device specific web pages, the easiest way is by using the WPG.
However, this WPG is an old tool developed to work on old Windows systems (2000, XP, 98).
To make it work on Windows 7 - 64 bit, one tested workaround is to download and install Autodesk's DWG TrueView (ver.2016 at the time of this writing) software prior to WPG installation.
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