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Setting Up GPRS Modem Diagnostic Session on SCADAPack E


Setting up GPRS communications can be very tricky, issue can be on modem side, mobile operator, SCADAPack and etc.

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E Configurator, Telnet


SCADAPack E range has a very powerful diagnostic capabilities that allow to look at very deep level. To access it we will need Ethernet or Serial connection to RTU.

  • Configure the serial port to Command Line mode:
  • in case of Ethernet connection:
Launch any Telnet client. I will use Kitty 
Specify the connection string:

Then we should be able to see SCADAPack Prompt:

There are many diagnostic services that are running on the SCADAPack E, in order to get only required information about GPRS connection we need to setup filters.
Type the following command tcpdiag Response will indicate current active filters:

We can disable all of them by typing tcpdiad disable *

After that we can specify the filters gprs and ppp by typing tcpdiag enable gprs ppp:

Then we will enter diagnostic monitor by issuing diag command:

We should be able to see the process of connection establishment, sending AT Initialisation string and network attachment:

And if the modem configured correctly we will see that modem will be assigned with IP address:

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