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How to setup Modbus Master Functionality on SCADAPack E


Modbus Master functionality as a part of SCADAPack E configuration was added in version 8.12.2. Nowdays it is possible to use legacy I/O Device way in the Logic, configure it in E Configurator or use dedicated Function blocks.

But many customers are trying to setup the Modbus Master fuctionality without upgrading the firmware of the RTU and facing the issues

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E Configurator


Before trying to setup Modbus Client functionality check the SCADAPack firmware version number. It should be above 8.12.2.

Once Modbus Scanner functionality is configured try to read configuration from RTU completely. DNP3 points that were mapped to Modbus should be automatically created in the database and the definition of Modbus Slave name should not be empty. If the field is blank double check the firmware.
Another trap that engineer can easily fall in case of using Modbus TCP is Enabled TCP/IP Services. Modbus/IP Client Service should be enabled:
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