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How to extract bit from word in ISAGRAPH Scadapack ?

By making use of script  for eg :- In ST language as below bit can be extracted from word in ISAGRAPH scadapack RTU.

 bit0 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 0))));
 bit1 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 1))));
 bit2 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 2))));
 bit3 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 3)))); 
 bit4 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 4))));
 bit5 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 5))));
 bit6 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 6))));
 bit7 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 7))));
 bit8 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 8))));
 bit9 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 9))));
 bit10 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 10))));
 bit11 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 11))));
 bit12 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 12))));
 bit13 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 13))));
 bit14 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 14))));
 bit15 :=BOO(AND_MASK(VAR1, ANA(EXPT(2.0, 15))));
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