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HTTP SSL Functionality in Power Monitoring Expert 7.2/8.0

How to setup HTTP SSL and communicate over port 443 with the Power Monitoring Expert software modules and disable HTTP (port 80). The web browser on the client computer issues a message to the users indicating that the SSL certificate has not been issued by a trusted certificate authority.

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StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Expert 7.2, Power Monitoring Expert 8


The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol allows you to establish an encrypted link between your Web server and a browser to protect login credentials and data from interception by a 3rd party on the network. To create an SSL connection, your Web server requires an SSL Certificate.

By default, HTTP SSL (HTTPS) functions are enabled out-of-the-box with Power Monitoring Expert software. All of the components within PME including Application Modules, Web Reporter and WebReach can be accessed through HTTPS over port 443. 

In order enforce the use of HTTPS and disable access over HTTP with Power Monitoring Expert, an HTTP filter or firewall must be setup on the server or network level. To maintain proper functionality of PME, do not disable HTTP support within IIS (Internet Information Services). It is recommended that HTTP access to the server be blocked but rather not disable HTTP support.

The Web Applications component (consisting of Dashboards, Diagrams, Alarms, Tables, and Reports) can be accessed via SSL by specifying "https" instead of "http" in a Web browser on a client computer. For example:


where domain_name is the fully-qualified name of the server hosting Power Monitoring Expert and Web is the default root directory, which can be changed during installation. Alternatively, you can use the IP address of the server.

**Note: Web browsers on client computers may issue a message to users indicating that the SSL certificate has not been issued by a trusted certificate authority. To remove this warning and improve the security of your system by creating an SSL connection, it is recommended that you acquire and install a certificate from a certificate authority.
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