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How to know who is the root bridge of RSTP in Quantum HSBY

The RSTP configuration page of 140CRP312 is "Back up (4096)" in UnityPro after configured it with HSBY CPU (140CPU67160).
Who is the root bridge of RSTP of the QEIO loop, CRP in Primary, CRP in Standby, or CRA?
1. CRA's configuration is "Participant (32768)", So it is not CRA
2. Which CRP? => After download the application to CPU, CPU will know the rack A or B (it can be setting by keyboard and display in LCD), CPU will assign the configuraiton in UP (4096) to the CRP who is installed at RACK A, the CRP at RACK B will set as "Root (0)".
So the answer is the CRP at Rack B is the default root bridge of RSTP in HSBY system QEIO loop. We can check it by wireshark trace.
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