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ION Setup gives Download Incomplete when saving meter configuration

When attempting to configure a Powerlogic meter using ION Setup, a user is given the message "Download Incomplete" at the bottom of the window when saving / sending the configuration to the meter. No changes to the meter take place. 

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ION Setup Configuration

The Ethernet Communications Card (ECC) has a option called Modbus TCP/IP Filtering. This feature (disabled by default) allows users to restrict access to certain IP Addresses. If an IP Address is added to the list, the access options available are "None" and "Read-Only". If the IP Address of the computer running ION Setup is added to the list, ION Setup will be unable to save any configuration changes, since the IP is denied Write Access. 

In order to allow ION Setup to make configuration changes, Enable Filtering will temporarily need to be unchecked to allow the IP to have Write Access to the meter. 

1) Log into the ECC Webpage using Internet Explorer
2) In the upper right menu, select Setup. 
3) On the left hand list select Modbus TCP/IP Filtering, uncheck the "Enable Filtering" and click Apply to disable the IP Address filtering. 
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