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Osisense XU_Reliability data of the XUK8LAPPNM12 or XUK5LAPSMM12 or XUK2LAK(P)SMM12T(R) laser sensor MTTF?

The reliability data of the XUK8LAPPNM12 or XUK5LAPSMM12 or XUK2LAK(P)SMM12T(R) laser sensor, diffuse with background suppression or diffuse or thru-beam, are the following :
- MTTF = 373 years (mean time to failure),
- MTTFd = 746 years (mean time to dangerous failure),
- DC = 0 (diagnostic coverage) of the sensor alone,
- mission time = 20 years.
They are used for the functional safety, according to the ISO 13849-1 standard (Performance Level).
The MTTF calculation is made according to the EN/IEC 61709 standard (SN 29500).
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