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How to use PSE to control PM5350’DO via PwrModubs protocol

1. First using PM5350 to control we need to write 3 register together. If we want to send command to DO1 to  we need to write 5250=6003,5251=0 and 5252=1 and send  the frame  like :01 10 14 81 00 03 06 17 73 00 00 00 01 XX XX. (XX XX is for CRC).

2. We can use the block writes to write multiple registers. By using fixed block writes follow the format below:
Fixed block writes have the following format:
B, C, M, or P are applicable only to Micrologic devices (otherwise the D: section
is omitted) and is the module (manager) identifier (Circuit Breaker, Chassis,
Metering, Protection).
<start_register> is the first register number for a contiguous block of registers.
<values> is a comma-separated list of up to 10 values that will be written to the
registers starting from <start_register>.
For PM5350 control tag looks like T:BWF;S:5250,6003,0,1 and this tag must be DIGITAL. By setting this tag to 1 to make it works.
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