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ION EEM 5.0 - Installer Failure - Granting File Permissions to SQL Server Agent

The ION EEM Base version 5.0 installer issues an error on a the "Granting File Permissions to SQL Server Agent" step of the installation.

Step Name: Granting File Permissions to SQL Server Agent
Error: Invalid Parameter 'NT'


ION EEM 5.0 Installation

This is a result of the account that the SQL Server service is running under being misinterpreted; "NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT" is being truncated by the space following "NT". 

This step of the installation grants the correct permissions to the Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\IONEEM\diagnostic folder.
A workaround is to change the account for the SQL Server Agent service to Local System before running the installer, or alternatively skip this step.
Skipping this step, should it fail, or changing the service account prior to running the installation should have no affect on how EEM functions.
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