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How to solve LL984 library inconsistency after updating V4.0 or lower Unity Pro application to V4.1 or higher Unity Pro application

This situation can occur if customer update Unity Pro but wants to keep the older version of his library : open STA with "Keep project version" for Libset version.
in this case if After:
  • updating Unity Pro,
  • re-installing the last version of the LL984 library V4.1.17 for the libset version used in the application
  • openning the STA
  • updating the application FFB with the Unity Pro Library
  • rebuilding the application
Unity Pro find alway difference in one or some of the LL984 FFB, this kind of FFB appear in the Tab "Not updatable types of the Library Version Management window.
You have to apply the attached workaround. (We take LL_MBIT_IC EF as example).

Important information: be careful to use the right LL984 library there are 2 such libraries : see FAQ FA246348
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