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Which cable reference can we use between TM3XTRA1 (TM3 bus extension transmitter module) and TM3XREC1 (extension receiver module)

The extension receiver module TM3XREC1  can be at  maximum distance of 5 meters  from the TM3XTRA1 
The Catalog recommend to use  the references VDIP1845460xx;
VDIP184546005 (0.5 m)
VDIP184546010 (1.0 m)
VDIP184546020 (2.0 m)
VDIP184546030 (3.0 m)
VDIP184546050 (5.0 m)

But as these references does not meet the UL requirements , for US market machines installation needs it’s advised to use 2 other references:
490NTW00002U (2.0 m)
490NTW00005U (5.0 m)
                          which are UL rated

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