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Osisense XS - Datasheet of the XS4P18PA370E1 proximity sensor with E1 suffix

"E1" suffix at the end of the standard reference XS4P18PA370 or another XS4P* sensor, means that this sensor is fitted with a PUR cable type CEI 2022 length = 5m. There is no catalogue page for this special specification, which existed in the past in our XS offer. Attached the data sheet of the standard XS4P18PA370 in which the cable is changed for the XS4P18PA370E1 sensor.
Please note that the XS4P18PA370E1 product is still available to order in 2015. Other XS4P*E1 options in 2015 : XS4P08PA370E1, XS4P08PB370E1, XS4P18PB370E1, XS4P30PA370E1, XS4P30PB370E1.
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