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Potential issue due to the DTM version compatibility : PRM Master DTM: The version of the DTM stored in the database ( is higher than the version of the DTM installed on the PC (

The Project Backup is made from PRM_V1.2_20140307 CD having PRM Master DTM V1.1.4 and Patch.
But when the project is opened in the laptop having only the PRM Master DTM, then it shows this error.
So the workaround is to install the “Patch for Master DTM” and the “Patch for Comm DTM” available from  the HTML page on the PRM1.2 CD.

Un-install the PRM Master DTM, Install it again, then install the patch.
Open unity pro, it should ask you for Hardware Catalog update. Once its updated.
Open the project which was giving the error for DTM Compatibility, should be without any errors once complied.
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