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What is the MID [Measuring Instruments Directive]?

Supplemental information regarding Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) compliance.

Product Line
PowerLogic PM5111, PM5331, PM5341, PM5561 meters

PowerLogic PM5000 series meters

Required to meet regional electrical metering standards as set by regulatory organization.


The MID (Measuring Instruments Directive - 2004/22/CE) is a 2004 European Directive applicable to measuring devices and systems in the context of commercial transactions. The aim of the directive is improve protection of consumers and safeguard their interests.

These measuring instruments may be active electrical energy meters (Appendix MI003 of the Directive), water meters, gas meters, thermal energy meters, weighing instruments, etc.

  • European Directive of 31st March 2004 concerning measuring instruments
  • 3 specific European standards for active energy meters: EN50470-1 / EN50470-2 / EN50470-3. These standards specify the particular requirements and type tests for electrical energy meters.

The EN50470-1/-3 standard defines three specific accuracy classes: A, B and C. These are comparable to the IEC62053-21/-22 active energy metering standard: Class A is equivalent to 2% accuracy, Class B to 1 % and Class C to 0.5 %. 

For total compatibility with the Directive, there must be regulatory marking for meter traceability. In addition to the manufacturer’s name and the product reference, this regulatory marking comprises:

  • a reference to Module D certification
  • year of manufacture and number of the notified body, e.g. M11 - 1259
  • A reference issued by the Notified Body certifying conformity with regard to the Module B design inspection
  • the meter's serial number
  • in addition to this marking, a declaration of conformity is enclosed with each product sold.
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