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How can I configure an M580 PAC to log events to a syslog Server?

Goals and Symptoms
Syslog is a standard messaging service that can be used to monitor security and other events. It is available on the M580 using
Unity Pro version 10.0 or greater. The attached document  is a descriptive example of using syslog with Unity.
Facts and Changes
In a system using syslog the M580 acts as a client sending messages to a syslog server. Each message is time-stamped
and an NTP or SNTP server must also be configured. This example uses a BME P58 1020 PAC. The NTP server is a
TCSESM083F2CU0 Connexium switch. The syslog server is an open source server Visual Syslog. The configuration of each is
described in the attachment. 
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