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What are the part numbers for the different licensing options for Unity Pro version 10 and up?

UNYSPUSFUV1X.....Unity Pro Small Single User License (1 seat) 
UNYSPUSFGV1X.....Unity Pro Small Group License (3 seats)  
UNYSPUSFTV1X.....Unity Pro Small Team License (10 seats)  
UNYSPULFUV1X.....Unity Pro Large Single User License (1 seat)   
UNYSPULFGV1X.....Unity Pro Large Group License (3 seats)  
UNYSPULFTV1X.....Unity Pro Large Team License (10 seats)  
UNYSPULFFV1X.....Unity Pro Large Facility License (100 seats)  
UNYSPUEFUV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Single User License (1 seat)  
UNYSPUEFGV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Group License (3 seats) 
UNYSPUEFTV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Team License (10 seats)   
UNYSPUEFFV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Facility License (100 seats)   
UNYSPUEVUV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Vendor Single User License (1 seat)  
UNYSPUETUV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large for Promotion Demo Software 10 pack  
UNYSPUEEFV1X.....Unity Pro Extra Large Education License (100 seats)
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