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How to find line loss compensated/uncompensated power and energy parameters in ION Setup for ION 8650 meters

It is unknown which values are compensated or uncompensated.

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ION Setup


Compensated power values location: Arithmetic Modules -> Scaling 

Uncompensated power values location: Power Meter Modules -> Power Meter 

Compensated energy values location: integrator modules -> kWh rec, kWh del, etc 
(Note that if compensation is not enabled, this is then the location of the uncompensated values)

Uncompensated energy values are not available by default. They can be constructed following these steps:
  1. Connect to your meter in ION Setup
  2. Holding ctrl, click on the meter to open the advanced set up.
  3. Go to Integrator Modules
  4. Right click and select insert module
  5. Double click on the newly created module
  6. Double click Integrand
  7. Navigate to Power Meter Modules -> Power Meter -> kW tot -> kW tot and click OK
  8. Double click Reset
  9. Navigate to Pulse Merge Modules -> Nrm Egy Reset -> Nrm Egy Reset and click OK
  10. Click Setup Registers at the top
  11. Change IN1 RollValue to 10,000,000
  12. Click Output Registers
  13. Change the first output to read kWh tot UN
  14. Click Send
  15. Right click the module to rename kWh tot UN will make future reference easier.

Repeat steps 4 through 15 for kVAh tot, and kVARh tot, and any other energies of interest. 
Note in Power Monitoring Expert software, these measurements names will be classifid as custom measurements.
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