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Are there any system variables that can monitor the Communication Status in Vijeo Designer ?

There are a collection of statistic variables that can be used to monitor the communication of any driver (serial or ethernet).Here is a table describing those statistics:Current Statistics (@stat) and Previous Statistics (@prevstat)
The driver collects the current and previous statistics listed in the 
following table. In the variable's Device Address field, use @stat or @prevstat to identify whether you want to view 
the current statistics or previous statistics, then type a colon and the index 
@stat:2 = Total Count
@prevstat:8 = Initialization Failed
For details on how to set up variables so you can display driver statistics, see Section 5.3.1 of the Online Help, "Creating Variables to Display Driver Statistics."

To utilize these statistic variables, simply create an External variable assigned to your Modbus RTU equipment and assign the device address @stat:0 for Total good packets or @stat:1 for Total bad packets.There are other statistics that you could monitor to check for good/bad communication as the table indicates.
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