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What are the design rules to configure a Quantum redundant power supplies

The objective of this FAQ is to clarify the help in UnityPro, concerning the redundant power supplies.

We choose by exemple, the power supply ref 140CPS12420.
The output current of the 140CPS12420 is limited to 10 amp.
If a customers required a Quantum configuration with 16 amp in the rack, with a redundant power cycle system,  The solution consists to configure three power supplies 140CPS12420  in the rack.

If you unstall three power supply 140CPS12420 in a rack the load (16 amp) will be share on the three power supplies.  (5.3 amp each).
If one of the power supply fails then the load will be share with the two power supplies available (8 amp each). But at this moment, the redundancy will not be available because if a second power supply fails, the single power supply remains would not be able to deliver 16 amp.

So the solution for the customer is to unstall three 140CPS12420 in the rack.
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