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Preventa XCS - How to connect in series 2 or 3 XCSDM4801* magnetic systems

Please remind of the 2 magnetic systems we propose in this range :
- The XCSDM4801* reference, having a start and EDM input (EDM = external device monitoring), which monitors dynamically the control relays or the power contactors wired to the OSSD's of the XCSDM4801* device. For such solution, contactors must be able to be monitored by some safety feature (linked contacts or NC mirror contact). This switch is dedicated to be used in a stand-alone solution without any safety interface like a safety relay, or a safety controller ... to control the position of 1 door or guard. Because of the dynamic EDM input monitoring, this magnetic system cannot be connected in series. Attached XCSDM4801* wiring diagram.
- The XCSDM3791* reference without the EDM input. In this case, such devices can be connected in series. This is the solution to use for a connection in series. Attached wiring diagram showing this option. Please refer to the instruction sheet delivered with the XCSDM3/4 magnetic systems.
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