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Osisense XC - How to replace the special heads ZCKE04, ZCKE045 or ZCKE046 ? Cannot find any data of these heads

Please note that the ZCKE04* special heads are not sold separately. They belong to the sub-assemblies ZCKJ4(H29) + ZCKE04* rotary heads assembled with some adjustement in the factory, and available to order, in the XCKJ limit switch family.
ZCKE04 is the special rotary head of the ZCKJ404 or the ZCKJ404H29 for standard temperatures,
ZCKE045 is the rotary head of the ZCKJ4045 or the ZCKJ4045H29 for high temperatures up to +120°C,
ZCKE046 is the rotary head of the ZCKJ4046 or the ZCKJ4046H29 for cold temperatures down to -40°C.
To replace such head, you have to replace the corresponding sub-assembly (picture attached). The ZCKY* lever has to be ordered separately.

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