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Osisense XM - Solution to propose an XL1AB12 float switch with with 4 contacts (2NC + 2NO)

The XL1AB12 float switch is supplied, in standard, with the ZL1AA12 contact block having 1NC+1NO contacts. Attached the picture of this contact block dedicated to the XL1AB float switches. To provide 4 contacts, customer has to order separately the ZL1AA14 contact block, using the same support and longer actuator ... (meaning he cannot add contacts on the initial block), to replace the existing ZL1AA12. When you order the ZL1AA14 contact block, you have to precise the contact composition and type (NC or NO). Order needs some technical validation for this point to precise in the order.
Alternative solution is to use the initial XL1 contact block, with 1 contact energizing some control relay or auxiliairy contactor having the contact composition required.
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