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Unity Momentum LEDs

The Unity Momentum CPU provides 3 status LEDs that provide diagnostic information.
    RUN green LED shows if there is a valid application and if the CPU is in run mode .
    ERR red LED shows the "no configured" state or error state .
    IO red LED shows local or IO bus errors

An LED can have 3 states: solid, off, or blinking at 2 Hz (time on = time off = 250 ms).

When the product is powered, there is at least one LED, Solid or Blinking, whatever the CPU state.
NOTE:  This condition could be suppressed because every IO base provides a ready LED.

The following table shows LED combinations for CPU state.
S=solid,   0=OFF,   B=blinking.

RUN    ERR    IO       CPU state
S         S        S        CPU is booting or executing power on self tests .
0          S        0        Invalid OS detected
0          B        0        CPU is no configured
B         0/B     0/S     (1) There is a valid application in CPU. The CPU is in stop state.
                                ERR led can be blinking if non fatal error detected, or off if no error detected.
                                IO is steady if there is an IO error or off if there is no IO error.
S         0/B    0/S      The CPU is in RUN mode.
0         S       S         Fatal error detected. The CPU has permanent reset, no communication is available.
B         S       0         Firmware download in progress

(1) In Stop state, the Momentum CPU has the RUN LED Off.

IO LED is solid if an error is detected on local IO or IO bus.

ERR LED is blinking when non fatal error is detected.

ERR LED is solid when a fatal error is detected.

Communication LED

The M1 provides the following LEDs
SER COM 1 yellow
SER COM 2 yellow
These 2 LEDS flash when data is sent or receive on corresponding serial link.
The M1E provides the following LEDs
SER COM yellow
ETH STS green
ETH 100 green for 10MB/100MB detection

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