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Unity Momentum IO error light.

When an IO error is detected, the I/O LED is steady.
 The system provides module health bits in %SW129 and %SW129.
%SW128.0 is module #1 health;
%SW129.15 is module #32 health.
A health bit is set to  1 if the module is healthy; if set to 0, it is not healthy or not configured.
A compatibility error status is provided in %SW132 with following the content. This content is significant only if %S118 is set to 0.

    Bits 0 to 14: These bits contain a value from 1 to 64, signifying the network position of the module that cannot be reached.
                       For example, a value of 8 indicates a communications failure in accessing the 8th module on the network.
    Bit 15: A value of zero indicates a general communication failure, for example, no power to the module or a break in its input cable.
              A value of 1 indicates that communication is possible, but the I/O bus ID received from the module does not match the module
              type contained in the configuration for that position.

Please the attached document for further explanation.

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