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What service needs to be running for ENM 8.3.x to connect to PME 8.x

ENM 8.3 is unable to detect PME 8.x and therefore unable to bring in alarm tags

Event Notification Module (ENM) 8.3
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x

Windows Server 2012

ENM is unable to connect to the service used to supply alarm data to ENM.

ENM with PME is a licensed component, without the ENM license in PME, the service required for ENM will not work. Refer to FA225923 for more information on PME licenses.

ENM uses the service "
ApplicationModules AlarmServiceHost Service" to connect with PME and transfer data required to send notifications.
NOTE: ApplicationModules AlarmServiceHost Service is dependant on the ApplicationModules CoreServiceHost service to run.

By default, the "ApplicationModules AlarmServiceHost" service start up type gets set to Manual, and the service will be stopped. Through the services Window, the start up type needs to be changed to Automatic and the service needs to be manually started. To change the startup type, right-click the service and select Properties. Under the General tab, change the 'Startup type' dropdown to Automatic. Afterwards, click Start to run the service. Click OK to save.

NOTE: The 'ION OPC Data Access' service does not need to be started as Alarm Sentry is no longer required to bring in PME Alarms to ENM. 

Listed below are the ENM services that are required for ENM to function properly:
- SE Event Gathering Service
- SE Event Logging Service
- SE Event Notification Services
- SE Server Manager Host Service
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