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Will the 140NOE77111 NTP Service communicate to a SNTP Server?

140NOE77111 NTP Service and a SNTP Server
140NOE77111 NTP Service and a SNTP Server
Product Line
Quantum, M580, M340
Unity Pro
With regards to the 140NOE77111 and a Unity based CPU, you would need to setup and configure the140NOE77111 module's NTP service.
However, since SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) and NTP (Network Time Protocol) utilize exactly the same network package format, the differences can be found in the way the system deals with the content of these packages in order to synchronize its time. The difference between NTP and SNTP is in the error checking and the actual correction to the time itself.
The NTP algorithm is much more complicated than the SNTP algorithm, but NTP and SNTP clients are indistinguishable to the Network Time Server.
Therefore, you will be able to use the 140NOE77111 module's NTP service with a SNTP server.
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