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Quantum 140NOE77111 cannot display webpage using Java version 1.8

Quantum 140NOE77111 v6.8 Firmware Upgrade will resolves the Java v1.8 webpage display issue.
Please use the same attachments for Unity and Non Unity.

General Quantum Ethernet Module Upgrade Procedure
1. The CPU module must be in STOP mode and the NOE must have NO TCP traffic
2. A loss of power during the upgrade may cause a NOE module to be inoperable. Make sure the power supply on the NOE rack will not be interrupted during the upgrade

To upgrade the module you must first extract all the files to your C drive then open up a Command prompt window (MsDos session on the PC), change to the directory containing the web files. And execute to batch file named upfwnoe.bat         
 Run the command "upfwnoe a.b.c.d" where a.b.c.d is the IP address of the NOE module to be upgraded. For example: "upfwnoe" to upgrade a NOE module at address        
 Follow the instruction presented on the screen to finish the ftp upgrade.
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