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Configuring Power Scada Expert as an OPC DA Server

In order to allow OPC DA Server to be accessed by the OPC DA Clients, the OPC DA Server process must be configured in the Scada project.

Product Line
PowerLogic Scada 7.3 and newer versions.
Power Scada Expert 8 (PSE 8) is used in this article for testing.

The OPC Data Access (OPC DA) solution provides specifications for client and server applications that are focused on the continuous communication of real-time data.  Vijeo Citect supports a runtime OPC DA server that implements the mandatory OPC DA v2.05 and OPC DA v3 interface specification.

OPC DA Server behavior is different to releases 7.20 and earlier where no configuration step was required.

To configure the OPC DA server:
  1. In Citect Project Editor select Servers > OPC DA Servers and complete the form:

  • Server Name: A unique name for the OPC DA Server
  • Network Address: The IP Address of the computer that will host the OPC DA Server. Only one server can be configured per computer.
  • Browsing Hierarchy: The type of browsing to use for  OPC item browsing; Flat or Hierarchy.
  1. Compile and run the project.

OPC Quick Client is used to test the OPC points:

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