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How to add a Lantronix UDS1100 Ethernet Gateway Site in PME

How to add a Lantronix UDS1100 Ethernet Gateway Site in PME

Unable to communicate to a Lantronix UDS1100 using the default Lantronix MSS 3001 port.

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ION Enterprise, SPM, PME, Lantronix

ION Enterprise, SPM, PME

Different model numbers of the Lantronix devices use different ports for communication.
The Lantronix MSS devices use port 3001 for channel 1 and 3002 for channel 2.
Lantronix UDS, CoBox, XPress, and XPort use 10001 for channel 1 and 10002 for channel 2.

When adding the Ethernet Gateway Site for the Lantronix UDS1100:
1.) Add the site in Management Conslole
a.) Select Sites
b.) Right click on the right field and select New/Ethernet Gateway Site
c.) Enter the IP address for the gateway
d.) For TCP/IP Port type 10001 (ignore the fact that this may not be available in the dropdown and just type the numbers)

2.) Login to the Lantronix Web page of the UDS1100 by entering the IP addess on the web brower, it will ask for a username/password, you can ignore it and just click on login
3.) Configure the Protocol, local Port and Port Settings to match downstream serial device. Example is given below.

4.) Return to Management Console> Sites
5.) Right click you site created above and select Connect
6.) Click Stay Connected

The site should connect to the lantronix and then show Connected in Management Console
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