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Executing the ETL returns the error "No usable Plugin loaded"

After downloading and unzipping the ETL tool to the desired installation folder, the error "No usable Plugin loaded" is returned when
the TacticalSolutionsManager.exe is launched to begin utilizing the ETL configuration tool.

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ETL Tool

This error is usually because the file you have downloaded (zipped/compressed file) has been "blocked" by Windows because it came from the internet.
This is a common issue for people downloading files from the Internet. (Note: this could apply to any downloaded zipped/compressed file containing executable code)

The downloaded file must be "unblocked" before unzipping it to the desired ETL installation folder.
To unblock it, access the zipped/compress file's properties (e.g., right-click and select Properties) and then press the Unblock button.
Then press the OK button.  Delete the original ETL installation folder and unzip the file to a folder as before.

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