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How can I display all 3 current readings on a PM8000 when set to Delta mode?

When a PM8000 meter is configured in a Delta mode with 2 CTs the meter will not display all the phases of calculations.

Product Line
PM8000 series

Power and energy monitoring

When  the PM8000 is set to Delta mode with only 2 CTs present. The Meter will have 2 readings for current.
This behavior is also noticed on the phasor viewer from the front display.  This is because the current reading is a calculated amount and is not displayed by default. The phasor viewer leaves out the voltage reading as well as the calculated current.

  1. Connect to the meter Using ION setup 
  2. Open the meter in advanced mode by right clicking while at the meter at the same holding the "CTRL" key.
  3. Double click on " display options module"
  4. Click on "setup registers"
  5. Change the option titled "DOP1 Delta Vector Display Type" from "instrument" to "system" 
  6. Click send

The PM8000 will not measure IB current unless the meter is wired and installed as per documentation.
Please see the wiring diagram for 3 phase current with 2 CTs in the installation manual. In DELTA volts mode the IB measurement does not contribute to power nor energy (2 element watt meter method)

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