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How to upgrade the FW of TSXETG100

The steps to upgrade TSXETG100:
1. Launch Internet Explorer or run the FTP tool, type ftp://a.b.c.d .the a.b.c.d is the address of TSXETG100 then press Enter.
2. Type the user name Administrator and the password (default is Gateway ) in the text boxes, then click Log On.
3. Browse the target firmware file on your computer then press CTRL+C.
4. Right-click in the Internet Explorer window, then click paste
NOTE: Instead of copying and pasting the firmware file, you can drag-and-drop the firmware file into Internet Explorer.
5. Do not shut down power of TSXETG100 until programming is completed. Once the file transfer is done, the TSXETG100 will automatically reboot.
6. Verify that the download was a success by browsing the Firmware Version in the ‘Gateway Information’ section of the Diagnostics page.

Note: During firmware updates, communication to serial devices through the TSXETG100 is not available.
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