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Which port will L9_XMIT function block work with on the 171CBUxxxxx Unity Momentum

Goals and Symptoms
The Unity help does not state which ports on the 171CBUxxxxx Unity Momentum supports the L9_XMIT function block.

Facts and Change
Unity 10
171CBUxxxxx Unity Momentum

Causes and Fixes
The Unity documentation shows the following statement for the XMIT block.but it does not specify the PLC
type.  The Unity Momentum only has two Modbus ports but they are labeld as port 1 and 2.

         Function Description
         The L9_XMIT (transmit) function block sends Modbus messages from a master PLC to multiple slave PLCs or
         sends ASCII character strings from the PLC's Modbus slave port #0, port#1, or port#2 to ASCII printers and
         terminals. L9_XMIT sends these messages over telephone dial up modems, radio modems, or simply direct

The L9_XMIT will only work with both Modbus port 1 and 2 on the 171CBUxxxxx Unity Momentum PLC.  In order for
it to work, the L9_XMIT will have to be configured for port 0 if you want to use Modbus port 1 and port 1 if you want
to use Modbus port 2.
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