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How does PowerScada Expert priority correspond with Event Notification Module Severity?

Each alarm in PowerScada Expert has an alarm category. The alarm categories each have an associated priority. An user would like to know how this priority corresponds to the severity field they see in Event Notification Module so that they can setup alarm filters appropriately. 

Product Line:
PowerScada Expert 7.20 to Powers Expert 7.40
PowerScada Expert 8.0

Event Notification Module Configuration for Powers Expert Alarms

The correspondence between the PowerScada Expert alarm priorities and Event Nonfiction Module severity is not one-to-one. 


The following formula is used to determine ENM priority based on PSE priority:

ENM Severity = 1000 - PSE Priority + 1

Example: For PSE Priority 2, the ENM severity to set in this screen is: (1000- 2 +1) =999

For PSE priority 0, ENM assigns a severity of 1. 
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