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Does Schneider Electric offer a direct replacement for the Berger Lahr VRDM3913/50LWC OOIP41 OO D4O 60 ?

Yes, the exact replacement is available from Schneider Electric and can be ordered using the Schneider Electric reference number of BRS39BW460ACA

Note that this is the exact replacement with the exact same specifications.
Do not be concerned if the ratings printed on the motor label do not match that of the original.
This is because Schneider Electric advertises the RMS rating while the Berger Lahr label lists the peak rating.
For example:  The Berger Lahr motor may have a rating of 325v while the Schneider version shows a rating of 230v
The formula for converting Peak to RMS is  V * .707   , therefore 325 * .707 = 229.775    (230v)

Rev 11-28-17

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