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Index issue due after conversion from Modsfoft, Proworx or Concept application in Unity Pro.

In Unity pro Index can be :
  • a value belonging to an Integer type
  • an arithmetical expression made up of Integer types
But cannot contain an other indexed variable, in this case a tempory variable will have to be created and used .

Example :
SortInterfaceOut.SortLQuantity := Decode_Pallet_Pattern[Scanner_Info[8].PIF.Pattern].CasesPerPallet;
is converted to this code by Unity pro : SortInterfaceOut.SortLQuantity := Decode_Pallet_Pattern[Scanner_InfoDecode_Pallet_PatternsPerPallet;

In order to avoid this, just affect in a temporary variable the value of "Scanner_Info[8].PIF.Pattern" :
Temp_Int := Scanner_Info[8].PIF.Pattern;
SortInterfaceOut.SortLQuantity := Decode_Pallet_Pattern[Temp_Int].CasesPerPallet;
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