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Parameters of Function not assigned after conversion from Modsfoft, Proworx or Concept application in Unity Pro.

In Unity Pro some of EF/EFB/DFB inputs/outputs are mandatory to be assigned (refer to the Unity Pro documentation), and they were not mandatory in the other legacy softwares and could be assigned outside the EF/EFB/DFB.

The result of the build will mention them and these parameters will have to be written in the function.

Example below :
f_Make_Production_Dates_1 is an instance a DFB of the type MAKEDATE
- SCADprod  : ProdDateType
 - Shift    : Byte
outputs :
- ProdDate  : ByteArray8
- Julian : ByteArray6
- BoxPod: BoxProdDateType
The inputs/outputs of type Array or structure have to be assigned, they cannot let empty in Unity Pro.
At the build we get following errors:
{ProductionDate : [MAST]}     :               (l: 44, c: 20) E1172 f_Make_Production_Dates_1.Julian cannot be accessed
{ProductionDate : [MAST]}     :               (l: 60, c: 79) E1194 parameter 'ProdDate' has to be assigned
{ProductionDate : [MAST]}     :               (l: 60, c: 79) E1194 parameter 'Julian' has to be assigned
In code we can see :
                f_Make_Production_Dates_1 (SCADProd := Prod_Date_1, Shift := Shift_Indicator);
                Prod_Date_Print_String_1 := f_Make_Production_Dates_1.ProdDate;
                Prod_Julian_1 := f_Make_Production_Dates_1.Julian;
                Prod_Date_Box_1 := f_Make_Production_Dates_1.BoxProd;
This should be written (this is obtained using FFB Input assistant in unity Pro):
                f_Make_Production_Dates_1 (SCADProd := Prod_Date_1,
                         Shift := Shift_Indicator,
                         ProdDate => Prod_Date_Print_String_1,
                         Julian => Prod_Julian_1,
                         BoxProd => Prod_Date_Box_1);
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