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How do I set the CANopen transmission rate in Lexium 23A ?

The CANopen transmission rate for Lexium 23A is set via parameter P3-01

Navigate to Parameter P3-01 via the keypad on the LXM23A

The default value is factory set at hex 0103
Note that digit 1 and digit 3 must remain at "0" and that the forth digit, factory set at 3, is for RS485 Baud rate which is not pertinent to CAN communication.

The only digit that is of interested for CANopen transmission rate is the second digit, which is default to "1" which is transmission rate of 250 kBits / second
Modifying the second digit will change the CANopen transmission rate.

Here are the options
0 = 125 kBits / second
1 = 250 kBits / second
2 = 500 kBits / second
3 = no function
4 = 1.0 MBits / second

Example of CANopen baud rate of 500 kBits / Second would be P3-01 set to 0203

rev 2-20-18

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