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What spacing should be kept between the Resiglas dry type transformer and the wall, and between two Resiglas dry type transformers placed next to each other?

Resiglas Dry type transformers should be placed at the proper distance from room's walls for good insulation and ventilation and also for free space for staff. For transformers without housing ( IP-00) placed in special electric rooms the minimum distances between coils, leads or other “hot” parts and walls or earthing elements should be as follows: Insulation Level(kV) Solid Wall(mm) Net Wall(mm) 7.2 100 300 12.0 150 300 17.5 200 300 24.0 250 300 36.0 350 400 These distances ensure also good ventilation. Moreover, transformers setting should make possible easy access of staff to transformer's terminals. If there are two or more transformers placed in one room, a minimum distance between the transformers should be the same as to solid wall.
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