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What happens if noise level of one Resiglas dry type transformer is higher than another identical transformer?

Sound pressure measurements taken inside a low-noise chamber of Resiglas dry type transformer in the factory, in accordance with the IEC 60076-10 standard prove, that the transformer's acoustic pressure conforms the values declared at offering. Due to the fact that the transformer's manufacturing process is handmade in a great degree, two transformers of even exactly the same type may sound different. They both however meet the requirements. In order to reduce the sound level inside a transformer room place the transformer on anti-vibration pads, check the transformer room and tighten / dampen all possible vibrating equipment (e.g. loose screw connections, metal door or panels, metal air extraction, bus bars, cable holders, girders the transformer is placed on, etc. Please have in mind, that any sound measurements of transformer taken inside a transformer room are not in accordance with the standard and are not reliable.
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