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How many sources can be added to Advanced One-Line graphics?

The user may want to add more sources than are allowed by default to the Advanced One-Line

Product Line:
PowerSCADA Expert 7.30
PowerSCADA Expert 7.40
PowerSCADA Expert 8.0

Graphics Builder

One-line graphics use the zOL device to drive animation. You must have at least one zOL device per project.

By default, the zOL device will support up to 100 sources.
Additionally , the zOL device can support 
1000 buses, 1000 meters, and 1000 breakers.

You can modify these max values via the Profile Editor using the following steps:
1. On the Setup Projects tab, choose the project.
2. Click the Project Parameters tab.
3. Enter the optional project parameters (MaxBreakers, MaxBuses, MaxMeters, MaxSources). Valid entries are from 1 to 9999 (only 200 for MaxSources).
4. Export the project.
5. In the Profile Wizard: Select the Update one or more I/O Device(s) in the project option. This updates the zOL I/O device parameters entered in step 3.
The new one-line device is ready to be used in the selected project.
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