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EEM v4.02 R2 to EEM v5.0 fails on Loading Database Information step

When performing an EEM v4.02 R2 to EEM v5.0 upgrade, the EEM v5.0 installer fails during the 'Loading Database Information' step
with a 'Could not load database configuration' error.


EEM v4.02 R2 to EEM v5.0 upgrade

The installer needs to gather certain information about the SQL configuration in order to do the upgrade but is unable to obtain it. 
The account SQL is running under may not have the appropriate permissions.

Check that the SQL services are running and configured with the appropriate accounts to allow access to the SQL instance and adjust if necessary.

The following are the defaults.

Should these services and accounts be configured correctly, it is possible to modify the installer's broker file to add the required information. 
This is not recommended and should not be necessary.  Contact Technical Support or Continuous Engineering if this is required before proceeding.

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