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How does the primary current feedback work on the VIP410?

The outputs can be set to latch or primary current feedback but the manual does not state what primary current feedback is or does.

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VIP 410

Programming VIP

The VIP is not equipped with any CB state input, it is using the primary current feedback function to recognize if the CB (circuit breaker) is re-closed after a fault.

The primary current feedback works as follows:
The output will operate causing a trip.  After the trip the CB is opened and the primary current will start falling to 0A.
Once the CB is re-closed and current flows (without causing new trip) for longer than 1 minute the VIP will recognize this as a normal work state.  At this time the VIP will release the relay output.
The display will skip from event information mode to current measurement mode.
The VIP will keep the last 5 events that can be viewed in the event log from the display.
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