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What is a Unity Pro .DTX file?

Save/Restore data between a file and the PLC

Data Transfer allows you to store the value of the following data in a file that can be downloaded to or uploaded from a PLC.
unlocated variables
function block instances

Restoring data from a .DTX file is allowed even if the application has been built and/or data has been modified since 'Save Data from LC to  File' was performed.
(This is not possible if the data has been saved to a .DAT file.  For this reason, we recommend saving to a .DTX file).

In order to 'Save Data from PLC to File', the following must be true:
- PLC has a project loaded.
- PLC is in RUN or STOP mode.
- Unity Pro is running and connected to the PLC
- The project is built and is EQUAL to the PLC.

In order to 'Restore Data from File to PLC, point to the .DTX file that was previously saved.

NOTE:  I/O and Device DDT objects cannot be saved in.DTX files.
           SFC variables cannot be restored.
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