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Video: How to look up information about a Power Monitoring Expert (PME) license using the Activation ID or Entitlement ID

A user would like to obtain information regarding the licensing for a Power Monitoring Expert system.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x

Power Monitoring Expert Floating License Manager
Schneider Electric Software Licensing Web Portal

You can obtain licensing information from an Activation or Entitlement ID by following steps listed below.
In addition, there is short video attached to this article which provides step-by-step instructions for obtaining licensing information. 

The Entitlement ID will be included in correspondences from Schneider Electric after purchasing a Power Monitoring Expert license.
If the software has already been activated, the Activation IDs can be obtained through the Floating License Manager application on the Power Monitoring Expert system.

Once the Activation or Entitlement ID has been obtained, you can obtain the associated licensing information from the Schneider Electric Software Licensing Web Portal.
  1. Open a browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox) and navigate to 
  2. Click Manage my licenses
  3. Enter the ID and click search
  4. Results will provide licensing information

For information on software activation, please see article FA225923
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