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What does NLP mean on an Altivar drive

Display shows NLP
Product Line:
Altivar Drives
ATV12, ATV312, ATV212, ATV32, ATV61, ATV71
The status code of NLP indicates "No Line Power".  No detected line voltage to the drive.

1. Verify balanced voltage on L1, L2 and L3.  Measure phase to phase and phase to ground.   
    a) If no voltage check supply to the drive.
    b) If imbalanced determine cause
2. Check for DC bus voltage between PA+ and PC-.  This value should equal RMS line voltage times 1.414. (example 480v line voltage should measure ~678 DC).   If no voltage perform a static check with power removed.
3.  Check code "ULN" in the monitor menu.  This value should approximate the measured line voltage at L1, L2 ad L3.  If "0" then the problem may be the drive.  Replace or repair.
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