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PME7.2.x archive fails because of stored procedure not created by installer

The Database Backup and Maintenance Tasks are not completing in PME 7.2.x 
There are no errors in the Event Viewer Applications log or in the Windows Task Scheduler

Product Line
PME7.2.x Base
PME7.2.x HealthCare
PME7.2.x DataCenter

PME7.2.x ION_Data database archiving using windows scheduled task.

The windows scheduled task archiving job calls for the archiving power script file (ps1). The archiving PS1 file calls 3 SQL stored procedures present in the ION_Data database schema. If these stored procedures are not present in the database schema, the windows scheduled task may fail. To confirm, if these stored procedure are present, open SQL server management studio and connect using appropriate credentials. Expand databases --> ION_Data --> Programmability --> Stored Procedures. 

Resolution 1

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*


For systems running PME7.2 or PME7.2.1, it is strongly recommended that the system be upgraded to PME7.2 Service Pack 2. The installer will create the missing stored procedures. For systems already on PME7.2.2, run the PME7.2.2 installer in configuration mode and the stored procedures would be recreated.

Note: The below links can only be used if PME7.2 or PME7.2.1 is already installed. 

See the link below for the installation file and instructions on how to upgrade

Resolution 2
For systems on PME7.2.2, run the attached SQL queries which would create the required stored procedure.
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