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Can I limit the amount of torque developed with a BMH or BSH motor when connected to Lexium 32?

Yes, the torque of the motor is proportional to the current delivered to the motor.
Therefore if you want to limit the amount of torque the motor can produce you should adjust the Lexium 32 drive parameter CTRL_I_max

For example.  If the motor that is connected to the Lexium 32 drive has a maximum torque of 10NM at 15 amps.
And you want a maximum torque of 8NM or 80 percent.
You should adjust the CTRL_I_max to 80 percent of 15 amps, which is 12 amps (15 * .80 = 12 ) 
This will then limit the torque to 80 percent of 10NM, which is 8NM

rev 9-18-17

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